Achieve happiness

Entre las obstinaciones más implacables del ser humano está la búsqueda de la felicidad.

Photo: Courtesy.
By Dra. Margarita Mendoza Burgos

As the French philosopher Voltaire said, "We seek happiness without knowing where, like drunks look for their home, knowing they have one ". But, Of course, there is no answer for the damages in case of not finding it.

If people live obsessed with happiness, it is because it is considered the panacea of ​​all time. Desgraciadamente ese estatus de máxima felicidad cada vez más se asocia con tener más y más.

We have made happiness synonymous with spending, to buy everything we see, in wearing the best clothing brands and looking good, although everything is superficial. For some, happiness is wearing what is fashionable even if it does not feel good., incluso emulando a muchos de los nuevos cantantes que hasta se quitan sus dientes para sustituirlos por oro o brillantes.

Happiness can be found in the most unexpected places, as described in the account of Leo Tolstoy in The Shirt of the Happy Man. There he tells the story of a depressed Tsar and the recipe they give him to cure his illness.: he must put on the shirt of a happy man. But the surprise is that after an intense search his subjects discover that the only happy man they had found ... he did not have a shirt due to his poverty..

But nevertheless, society pushes us to consume as a synonym of happiness.

They sell us that we can get it swimming in obscene luxuries, how to taste gold foil foods, show off the car of the year, a lavish mansion and all kinds of eccentricities, más propias de una estrella de Hollywood que de una persona normal.

The problem, also, is that the bar is getting higher and higher and therefore something that exceeds the above will be needed to maintain the "level of happiness". Cast, if you know, es imposible de lograrlo todo el tiempo.

Few understand that happiness is actually a utopia.

 La felicidad consiste en las cosas efímeras o sencillas. Are moments, hugs, Kisses, conversations, a job well done, a sunset, hear the chirping of the birds, a talk with real friends, the pleasure of the family reunited. So are moments of enjoyment of our inner being, to listen to music that we like, enjoying a peaceful life without great dangers, giving and helping others, be altruistic and enjoy giving joy to others with our actions.

 La felicidad es ser libre, be independent, not be a slave to a drug, of alcohol, gambling or dangerous relationships.

For all that described above, it is easier to achieve it than it seems. But nevertheless, unfortunately we believe what they sell us and many times having everything to be it we do not enjoy it.

 Creemos que la felicidad no es eso sino el momento en que podamos comprar, have and accumulate ... "We were happy and we did not know", is the phrase of a very popular meme that serves to describe a past moment that we did not know how to value.

 In summary, being happy is more of an attitude, is the enjoyment of the simple things that we have. In fact, forcing ourselves to be happy can be the greatest condemnation of the human being. "We live in a time in which happiness has become an obligation, and that's terrible ", afirmó la terapeuta Lizzi Matusevich.

 Al ver el ranking de los países más felices del mundo, It has always caught my attention that many times the coldest countries -that is, those with bad weather- they are the ones that are located in the first positions, especially scandinavian countries. Quizás la respuesta es que ellos aprenden a valorar todo lo demás y las cosas sencillas.

Another important thing is to differentiate the happiness and your enjoyment of the depressive illness or the melancholy of someone sick of the spirit. In the latter there is a genetic difficulty, somatic, that does not allow us to enjoy life.

Just as a diabetic who does not process sugars well needs insulin, as well as hypertensive people who, even exercising and eating well, cannot lower their blood pressure and need a drug, so it happens with the depressive. There are people who do not enjoy things and therapy could help them change their priorities. You should first undergo analytical therapies to get to know yourself better, pero si alguien no puede disfrutar porque está enfermo necesitará fármacos y terapias orientadas específicamente a manejar y mejorar su problema.