Italian mayors oppose anti-immigrant law apply

By Engelbert Pérez Maldonado

Called "Security Act" Matteo Salvini, Interior Minister and General Secretary of far-right party, The League, It has been found stumbling in their application in some mayoralties.

Much of the law is focused on limiting rights to immigrants fleeing their countries because of lack of security or the precarious economic situation.

according to Salvini, these foreigners would be generators of insecurity for Italians.

The legislation came into effect since late September 2018, eliminates the possibility of obtaining residence in communities where some immigrants seeking to apply for humanitarian asylum.

The rebels have argued that mayors can not deny a human right, and especially, a right granted by the Italian Constitution.

Among the mayors suspend the enforcement, They are those in major cities like Naples, Palermo, Florence, Parma and Reggio Calabria.

Milan, Mayor Giuseppe Sala, still not pronounced on the matter. But nevertheless, Councilman Alessandro Giungi, he said will make every effort to convince the Board Edilicia the need to suspend the law. "If we can not give residence, at least we endeavor to give the home ", he pointed.

In the past, Asylum applicants obtained a temporary permit to stay in Italy pending the final decision, I could take up to two years. With this permit the immigrant asked the mayor's residence where he lived at the time of application.

Obtain it meant the possibility that their children could attend schools, enter a list to apply to a public housing, and if he found a job, I could opt for family allowances and enroll in the social security system and health.

Interior Minister and leader of the extreme right, Do not be late, He threatened in a video on social networks mayors who fail to implement the law. "Respond staff, criminally and civilly, because it is a law of the Italian State ", he warned.

"There are no illegal" .Some of the Democratic Party mayors announced that they will not apply the Safety Decree, in spite of the many problems, newspapers and real, who we give all their concittadini.Dobbiamo also to illegal immigrants?I do not subscribe to these accordo.Ricordo leftist mayors that the Safety Decree, a law of common sense and civility, It was approved by the Government and Parliament, and signed by the President of Repubblica.Prima we must think of the millions of poor and unemployed Italians, defending them from too many crimes committed by illegal immigrants, then also we will save the rest of the mondo.Sbaglio??

Posted by Matteo Salvini on Wednesday, January 2, 2019