Mayors of Washington DC and San Salvador celebrate one year “Sister cities”

By Carmen Rodriguez

Muriel Bowser, Mayor of Washington DC and Ernesto Muyshondt, Mayor of San Salvador Salvadoran municipality celebrate, in the US capital, the first year of the agreement “Sister cities”.

This agreement, It allows both cities to develop certain economic and cultural projects jointly, that benefit its citizens.

“Our city has the best diverse population and among them are Salvadorans. More of 300 thousand Salvadorans live in the area and make a great contribution to our economy, and culture of Washington DC”, said Mayor Bowser.

Meanwhile, Muyshondt Mayor stressed the importance of the agreement for your city.

“The 13 August 2018, we mark the history of the Salvadoran capital, when we had the honor to be part of that select group of cities that are twinned with Washington DC. San Salvador became the first Hispanic city to sign a partnership with DC”, said Muyshondt.

Among the results of the agreement, Officials stressed building a virtual library in one of the colonies of San Salvador, where he worked a Washington DC, employing Salvadoran labor.

The library will have an inventory of 3 virtual books and a thousand 10 thousand printed copies, once the project reaches its final stage.

In addition the event to commemorate the first year of the agreement between the two cities, this week, Salvadoran Mayor will meet with representatives of the Organization of American States (OAS), with businessmen of the city and other US government officials.