Salvadoran mayor arrested for rape

Photo: General Prosecutor of the Republic
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The mayor of the town of San José la Fuente, in the eastern province of La Union, He was arrested by the Salvadoran authorities, agrabada for rape and other sexual assault against a young 17 years.

Salvadoran police confirmed that Mario Alfredo Cruz, of 46 years, Mayor, He was arrested by order of the Prosecutor's Office and will be presented to a Salvadoran court in the coming hours.

Cruz, He was elected under the banner of the GANA party in elections last year, party joined the presidential race to now President Najib Bukele.

According to the Salvadoran Attorney, in so far this year, in La Union, the institution received 76 allegations of rape and sexual assault. The 90% victims are under 15 years.