At least 4 dead and 15 wounded in shootout in San Jose, California

photo courtesy: @wavyia
By Maria Teresa Perez

San Jose authorities, California, reported that at least 4 people died and 15 They were injured, victims of a gunman, while a festival took place in a park.

Police reports indicate that the youngest victim is Stephen Romero, of 6 year old.

According to the version of witnesses, the gunman was wearing camouflage clothing and landed in the park Christmas Hill Park where the Garlic Festival was made, in the third and final day of its issue 40.

Through Twitter accounts of residents of the city of Gilroy, chilling scenes were, People ran without knowing why. And others wondered what was madness and despair. While, the City Police warned not to approach because there was a gunman in the park.

The Garlic Festival, in the city of Gilroy, in San Jose, California, south of San Francisco, It develops from 1979, and it is sponsored by the Saint Louise Regional Hospital, nosocomio, which they were transferred some shooting victims. The festival began Friday and ended tragically today.

California Governor, Gavin Newsom, He deplored the attack through his Twitter account. While, Police Department activated the phone line: 408-846 0583 Family Reunification, to help people fleeing from the scene, They have wandered.

President, Donald Trump, He also tweeted about the shooting and asked the public to be careful and stay safe.

Cesar Bayona reports from San Jose, California.