“Raza Band” Andy Lovos job offers

By Maria Teresa Perez

Salvadoran musical group “La Raza Band”, He invited to join the group to Andy Lovos, the young band El Salvador Great as Its People, who was not involved in the Rose Parade and was escorted by Sheriff lines outside training.

Andy Beds, Band race is with you ", He reported the band in a Facebook post, in which they expressed the invitation to Lovos.

"Raza Band sympathizes with this young artist and offers a space in our group, from where you can work with our musicians, to disseminate and develop the cultural values ​​of El Salvador, inside and outside our borders ", said the statement.

Hundreds of netizens do not hesitate to describe the action of the members of the musical group El Salvador as a "gesture of humility, worthy of admiration "because, action could change the lives of the young musician.

According to the musicians, the action of which was subjected Lovos, It is a "demonstration of the vulnerability of our cultural expressions at the international level”.