4 December, 2022

Spain will allow the 100% of public in the soccer stadiums

Photo: Courtesy.
By Dennis Aguillón

Spain – From 1 October, 573 days after 8 March 2020, the stadiums of the First Division of the Spanish league and the Endesa League, can be completely refilled, this has been agreed by the Ministry of Health and the Autonomous Communities.

football duels, being in open-air enclosures, capacity will be allowed 100%, while in indoor venues such as basketball halls, the capacity will be reduced to 80%.

Photo: Courtesy.

The entrance to the stadiums, Yes indeed, it will be with limitations to respect health regulations. You should always go with a mask, with a controlled entrance and without food, Only exceptionally the consumption of water will be allowed, and you will not be able to smoke.

With this new agreement, the restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic are gradually being left behind, the clubs are already managed in order to comply with due process. Another step that has been taken is that theaters, museums, and concerts recover the 100% of the capacity.