Afghans coming to Texas and Wisconsin

Photo: Courtesy.
By Maria T. Morales

The United States will receive thousands of Afghans fleeing their country after the takeover of the Taliban extremist group that threatens to impose a radical Islamic state.

Women and children, according to reports from organizations that watch over human rights, are the main victims of this radical group that threatens to restrict, even more, access to the right to health, work and education.

The United States Department of Defense reported that thousands of Afghan refugees will be received at the Fort Bliss facilities, en Texas, as well as in Fort Mccoy, and Wisconsin.

Afghans who collaborated and worked for the United States in Afghanistan, are considered traitors to the homeland, so their lives and those of their families are in danger. They could receive special immigration visas known as SIV.

More of 550 1,000 Afghans suffer from internal displacement caused by conflict and insecurity, according to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

From them, the 80% they are women and children, according to the report that, He also called on the states to stop the forced returns of Afghans, even if it was previously determined that they did not need protection.

The news from the US government seems to respond to the call for help that the Human Right Watch organization issued a few days ago after warning that "In Afghanistan, thousands of lives are at stake ".