26 November, 2022

Overcrowded airports amid out-of-control pandemic

Munich International Airport, Germany.
photo VD: Milagro Orellana.
By Maria T. Morales

Alerts and recommendations seem not to be heard by the population, despite the fact that the numbers of infections and deaths from COVID-19 are skyrocketing and uncontrolled.

"Get tested for COVID, mask yourself, keep social distancing, Stay at home…”. This ad paid for by the mayor of the city of Houston, Texas, started spreading days before Thanksgiving, due to the rise in infections nationwide.

As days go by, the fear of health and prevention experts came true, since the infections soared, even more, after the celebration, hospital authorities assure.

Y, Although the first dose of the COVID-19 virus vaccine has already been applied to one million, of people for 10 days the campaign started, health authorities insist it is too early to lower their guard.

Los Angeles International Airport, California ( LAX)
photo VD: Milagro Orellana.

Although the vaccine is already a reality, authorities have said that "there is currently a limited supply".

Authorities of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) they have made calls to stay home, do not meet with more than ten people, wearing masks and washing hands.

Los Angeles Greyhound Bus Station, California.
photo VD: Milagro Orellana.

But, of repeating the same Thanksgiving story, with mass meetings, trips and parties during the end of the year, hospitals and health centers may not supply, much less doctors and nurses, health authorities alerted.

Currently the figures show 18 millions 170 thousand 062 infections while deaths reached 321 thousand 734, almost a year since the first case was registered in the city of Wuhan, China.