George Bush airport forced to close in icy storm

photo VD: Milagro Orellana.
By María T Morales

George Bush International Airport will be closed, at least until this Tuesday after noon, as a security measure against the storm and extreme cold that hits almost the entire nation.
This was reported by the international airport authorities that so far had to cancel, at least 700 flights between local and international.

video CEO: Maria T Morales.

The airport authorities suggested to travelers, contact airlines for flight information, inputs and outputs.

Dozens of states of the American Union woke up today under warning for extreme weather, millions are sheltered in their homes and for the most vulnerable, shelters were opened and some 10 heating centers.

photo VD: Maria T Morales.

“Stay home, stay safe, sheltered, hot, and protect yourself ... the next few days, they won't be easy”, expressed Lina Hidalgo, Harris County Judge.

At least some 2.6 millions of homes have not lost electricity so far; of this figure, 700 a thousand have already recovered the service.

photo VD: Maria T Morales.

Those in this situation are better off staying home and wearing at least three layers of clothing, and choose a single room to shelter and cover yourself with everything you need, including three layers of clothing.