Mayoralties agreement between Washington D.C. and San Salvador allows the construction of a library in San Salvador

Photo: Mayor of San Salvador.
Olimpia Alvarez

As part of an agreement of "sister cities", executed in August last year, between the District of Columbia and San Salvador, Mayor Ernesto Muyshondt, He signed a memorandum of understanding with MCN Build Foundation of D.C. which it makes it possible donation $500 thousand for the construction of a new library in San Salvador.

It's a statement, Mayor of San Salvador explained that in the coming months the American company assigned $150 mil to start building this project, which will be executed in the satellite colony.

Photo: Mayor of San Salvador.

At 2018, Muriel Bowser, alcaldesa de Washington D.C. He visited San Salvador, where he established a cooperative relationship between the two cities to promote economic development areas, culture, education, youth development and public safety, among other.

Muyshondt on an official three-day visit to the US capital, participating as a guest at the inauguration ceremony of the reelected mayor Bowser.

further, San Salvador's mayor said Friday a meeting with Peter Newsham, Police Chief Washington D.C. and he visited the Carlos Rosario School, in which he had the experience of knowing the work done with the Latino community and especially with the Salvadoran community.

Photo: Jackie Reyes Yanes.