Canadian activists protesting political inaction on climate change

Oscar Vigil

Toronto, Glen. Dozens of activists blocked several major access roads to the city of Toronto, to demand concrete action to the impact of climate change that is occurring worldwide.

The closure caused a real traffic chaos, as traffic was interrupted for several hours on Monday morning, by the group of activists who tried to pressure the government to take drastic measures in the face of impending global warming.

"We are already bored of sending letters, to make calls and seek support from politicians to take concrete action against climate change, so now is the time to act ", said one of the activists moments before closing the busy Toronto road.

After her, dozens of people, mostly young, they showed their firm decision to make themselves heard. And they made it.

The local newscasts followed this civil disobedience action from the beginning to the end, which was also replicated in the cities of Montreal., Ottawa, Halifax and Vancouver in Canada, as in dozens of cities around the world, in a shouting call for politicians to take concrete action on the problem and not only show their commitment in speeches.

The group, denominado Extinction Rebellion (Extinction rebellion), presented three specific demands: for the government to tell the truth by declaring a climate and ecological emergency; for the government to act now and for the government to create and be led by a citizens' assembly on climate change.

Toronto Police tried to persuade protesters, but a group of organizers refused to obey the police order and were arrested on charges of public disorder.

Traffic was re-established on the main road around the 1:30 pm, local time.

It was undoubtedly a day of struggles in which the protests came from two sides: on the one hand, the members of Extinction Rebellion made their voices heard at the national level for what they call a lack of real interest from the authorities in combating global warming.

Y, on the other hand, The employees who were going to work at that time protested strongly about the interruption of vehicular traffic and the complications that this implied..

Scientists agree that next year, the 2020, it is a decisive year in terms of meeting emission targets to reach net zero emissions for the year 2050.

further, a report from October 2018 del Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) discovered that to prevent the Earth from heating up no more than 1.5 centigrade above pre-industrial levels, instead of two degrees, Global greenhouse gas emissions would have to fall to zero by the end of the year. 2050.

According to scientists, the difference of half a degree is monumental and would have catastrophic impacts on the planet.

Twelve hours after the arteries closed in Toronto, three of the six candidates vying for the first magistracy of Canada in the federal elections of the next 21 October, they made it clear, in the middle of a nationally televised debate, that the fight against global warming will be one of their priorities to win the contest.

One of them, the current Prime Minister of Canada, Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau has effectively put the issue at the center of his re-election campaign. And according to the latest polls, is the favorite in the electoral preferences.