Abrazo Argentino y Latinoamericano presents study days

Study Days Abrazo Latinoamericano. photo VD: Rosy Figueroa.
By Rosy Figueroa

In the city of Erba, Como Province, North of Italy, The study days called “Immigration and Human Rights in times of COVID-19”. This Activity was organized by the “Red Solidaridad Psicológica y Social COVID-19 de Abrazo Argentino y Latinoamericano”.

The event was opened by Luis Pablo Niscovolos, Consul General of Argentina in Milan, the Deputy Consul Daniela Beatriz Jaite and the Honorary Consul and Vice President of the Consular Group of Latin America and the Caribbean in Northern Italy, Lorenzo F. Alderisio, representing Nicaragua.

Similarly, had the participation from Argentina of Lic. Xavier Oniativia, Dean of the Faculty of Psychology of the National University of La Plata and the General Coordinator of the event Dr. Rosa María Cusmai, Psychotherapist Psychologist and President of KAIROS Onlus, both gave the words of welcome to the participants.

Study Days Abrazo Latinoamericano. photo VD: Rosy Figueroa.

The topics exposed were legality, hospitality, human rights, refugees, gender violence and reflections on catastrophes and ruptures in times of pandemic, as well as the experiences of migrant families in Italy.

The meeting was divided into two days of exhibition, in which various professionals from various areas from different Latin American countries, residents in Italy, They presented their experiences and the work they do with each of the migrant communities throughout the Italian territory and in their countries of origin.

With this, the organization Abrazo Latinoamericano, seeks to continue generating solidarity networks, platforms with associations, communities, universities and government structures for the promotion of Human Rights, and to be able to achieve the integration of migrant peoples.

Study Days Abrazo Latinoamericano. photo VD: Rosy Figueroa.

On the other hand, During the study days, videos were presented that showed the work of each of the professionals based in Argentina, Peru, The Savior, United States and Norway, who through their collaborations have managed to build and expand the solidarity network and unify diasporas around the world, Despite the times of pandemic, the different virtual platforms have been essential and indispensable tools, for rapprochement with their countries.

“Without a doubt this 2020 generated a different panorama to the realities of migrants in precarious situations that afflict the community and worsened with the COVID-19 pandemic”, expressed by the event organizers.

Study Days Abrazo Latinoamericano. photo VD: Rosy Figueroa.

At the end of this activity, a synthesis of the reflections of the groups and approval of the programmatic declaration of Abrazo Latinoamericano were presented..

The meeting was held under biosafety regulations that guaranteed a full development of the activity.