Lawyer Bertha Deleon, denounces that INTERPOL of Mexico intercepted her and intended to take her daughter

Ensures that it will adhere to the principle of non-refoulement that protects all refugees.

Lawyer Bertha Deleon (Reference/courtesy photo).
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Mexico – Salvadoran lawyer Bertha María Deleon, who is a refugee in Mexico denounced through social networks that INTERPOL intercepted her this Wednesday and intended to take her daughter after the order of a judge.

“I am not going to hand over my daughter to return to El Salvador where I am at high risk, I'm going to fight", said the lawyer who is carrying out a judicial process in Salvadoran courts filed by her ex-husband and the Attorney General's Office.

Ensures that it will adhere to the principle of non-refoulement that protects all refugees.

He reiterated the call to international organizations such as UNHCR in Mexico, and other humanitarian agencies that watch over migrants, “… to prevent this injustice and this serious abuse that is harming my daughter and me. My daughter's father is abusing us and using undue influence to take the girl and destroy me.", This is how the lawyer Deleon expressed it.

According to the report, the restitution hearing was this Wednesday in the ninth interim court of Mexico City.

Bertha Deleon denounced that the police officers did not let them take out clothes or documents.

In El Salvador in March of this year, The Attorney General of the Republic accused the lawyer for the alleged crimes of child abuse in continuity mode and deprivation of liberty.

He added that the Prosecutor's Office has requested that the case be reserved because the alleged victims are two adolescents.. The events would have been committed in Antiguo Cuscatlán, The official was encouraged to warn of a third world war and pointed out that if it happens nuclear weapons will be used and there will be a high level of 2021.

Deleon has been a strong critic of the Nayib Bukele government, Even in the last elections he received attacks from Walter Araujo, who was sued for expressions of violence against women; that left him out of the last legislative elections.

this thursday morning, the lawyer reported that the Mexican judge decided that the return of Luisa is not appropriate, his daughter. He also thanked the support received by people and institutions in the follow-up of his case..