Abbott prohibits requiring government employees to vaccinate against coronavirus

Photo: Maria T. Morales

By Maria T. Morales

U.S – Again, Gregg Abbott, Texas Governor Issued Executive Order Stopping Any Likelihood Of Government Employees Being Forced To Inoculate Against The COVID-19 Pandemic.

The local representative, a staunch detractor of the use of a mask as well as the mandatory nature of the anticovid vaccine, recently caught the virus and had to be treated with monoclonal therapies.

Previously, Abbott signed an order to the same effect, according to him because no vaccine had been definitively approved.

But, the truth is, even though Pfizer's vaccine was recently approved, In its whole, by the Food and Drug Administration, again his executive order falls in contradiction to science.

Health scientists insist that, for the moment, the only way to stop the advance of the pandemic is the vaccine, and to more resistance to this, the world will need much more time will it take to control it.