Salvadoran flag bearers and final preparations for the Tokyo Olympics

Photo: Courtesy of the Olympic Committee of El Salvador.
By Yaneth Estrada

In an atmosphere of sports and friendship, the announcement ceremony of the Salvadoran delegation that will attend the XXXII Tokyo Olympic Games was held., with the participation of members of the federations, athletes and businessmen.

El Salvador will compete in Tokyo with four athletes: swimmers Celina Márquez and Marcelo Acosta, the sailor Enrique Arathoon and the athlete José Andrés Salazar Mijangos.

Eng. Eduardo Palomo Pacas, President of the Olympic Committee of El Salvador; Aruyoshi Katsuhide, Japanese Ambassador to El Salvador; Colonel Francisco Ramos, Vice President of Team ESA and Head of the Tokyo Olympics delegation; and Fabrizzio Hernández, vice president of the Olympic Committee.

They also accompanied the athletes: Roberto López rowing at the London Olympics 2012, Coralia Moreno from swimming and Ricardo Cruz from athletics from Mexico 1968.

The Ambassador of Japan expressed: "He 23 the Olympic Games begin in July and the Paralympics in August. The Olympic Games are held for the second time, the first time was in 1964 and in 2020 it was not carried out by covid-19, but they are called olympic games 2020 and these will be a symbol to defeat the covid and in Japan they are working hard for the games ".

He added: “Last month I visited Fujisawa, buildings, modern facilities and the people of Fujisawa as hosts of the Salvadoran team are very enthusiastic, there are little flags of El Salvador everywhere. I ask you to enjoy Japan ".

Diego dalton, Ambassador of El Salvador in Japan, sent a greeting to the Salvadoran delegation: “We are proud that despite all the obstacles that we have had to go through due to the covid, our athletes very diligently continued with the dream of participating in the Olympic Games and welcome to Japan ".

Photo: Courtesy of the Olympic Committee of El Salvador.

In the olympic message, el Ing. Palomo stressed that “this is a special day to give thanks and we are going to the Olympic Games because we have friends like you., behind the athletes there are businessmen, friends and families who believed in the Olympics ".

Thank you Mr. Ambassador of Japan, thank you because you persevered and today you will have joy with the athlete, what is going to compete, and give your best, for the good of all those who supported ", highlighted the Eng. Pigeon.

During the event, the sports catwalk of Team ESA gala uniforms and Nike sportswear with a touch of coffee was held, and hence the hashtag # SomosCafé.

Another important point was the announcement of the standard bearers, for the first time in the world, each of the participating countries carries two flag bearers. The Olympic Committee of El Salvador appointed swimmer Celina Marquez and sailor Enrique Arathoon.

Quique was the first athlete to have his ticket to Tokyo at the Pan American Games in Lima 2019. In his statements from Tenerife he said “very excited, it is a commitment and I will do my best to represent them ".

Meanwhile, Celina will participate in 100 Y 200 meters back and it is her first Olympic participation and as a standard bearer she expressed “thank you for the opportunity, I am super proud to be the female representative of the team ".

Another Team ESA athlete is Marcelo Acosta in his second Olympic participation, and will compete in 800 Y 1,500 free meters. In that sense, he stated: "I go with the mentality of improving, happy, blessed by you and have a team, the work is done, and now to enjoy this path ".

And José Salazar Mijangos, of 1,90 of height, that before he was a runner he was a soccer goalkeeper, express: “I am proud to represent El Salvador in the Olympic Games, this year has been difficult due to the pandemic, but we have worked hand in hand with my coach to constantly improve brands ".

Video: Yaneth Estrada.