A public opinion

21 November 2019

Voice of Diaspora, International news agency Salvadoran journalists based in five continents, in public opinion, We show our full support to our general editor Carmen Rodriguez and the investigation into allegations of sexual harassment at a television station in El Salvador.

Rodriguez directed research was conducted during 9 months, trying to collect testimonies responsibly, supporting evidence and documentation versions victims.

our editor, is a journalist with extensive experience in handling journalistic investigations. further, is a professional with high ethical values ​​that can give us the certainty that this research was done respecting the highest journalistic values.

We demand that the authorities perform work efficiently, attached to the rules without partiality.

We also ask the authorities to protect victims. Soon we will present evidence that there have been acts of intimidation toward victims.

We hold Mr. Roberto Hugo Preza and his "friends" of any attack that comes to suffer any of our correspondents, our partner Diana Arias, or any of the victims or their families in El Salvador. As, Mr. Preza, in its ruling has made clear it has the support of “MPs, mayors, businessmen, journalists, merchants, police and military”.

We will follow up the process and we will continue to inform our audience about new cases being presented first following our publications.

also guarantee, we owe to serious journalism, ethical and independent justice and will always defend the truth.

Milagro Vallecillos


Voice of Diaspora