Waiting for the results of the flirtation to the Latino community

Both candidates for the presidency of the United States see in the Spanish-speaking community, the train to reach the final destination: The Oval Office of the White House, in Washington.

A right of the citizen to exercise suffrage. photo VD: Courtesy María Teresa Morales

By Maria T. Morales

Texas. The message for the Latino community was recharged from a rare mix in times of pandemic. Cumbias, slogans loaded with hope, candidates blowing kisses, distributing smiles and even showing the family bosom, were mixed with messages about the rise in cases of COVID-19 infections.

To the sound of cumbia, el presidente Donald Trump, who seeks re-election, He flirted with the Latino community and told them that he has been the only president of the United States who has done more for them.

Last week, whole neighborhoods received a box of food, and inside a letter from the president explaining the importance of staying healthy.

Likewise, took pride in selecting the best locally grown produce to support farmers, in this case, from texans.

¨Latinos for Donald Trump¨ also took to the streets to convince the population, that there is nothing better than your candidate.

While, Joe Biden didn't go very far and, was in charge of retaking Trump's statements, especially about the pandemic and, make him look like the worst President in the history of the American nation, mainly, regarding the management of the pandemic.

Another point of the campaign was the 545 migrant children separated and taken from their parents at the border, and whose parents have not been found.

The candidate for the Democratic party and former vice president, despite not being very fond of public speaking, recharged batteries to attack his opponent on the subject, while promising to do everything possible to find the parents of the children.

Managing the pandemic, lack of organization, the departure of the United States from the World Health Organization, the payment of just $775. 00 of taxes fell like a glove to candidate Biden to attack Trump.

Black and white messages, half-truths, or complete lies have been breakfast, lunch and dinner millions have followed, especially during this last week.

Of the 325 million people in the United States, about 60 million are Hispanic. This is the equivalent of 18% of its total population.

The country recently conducted the Census 2020, which is recorded every 10 years. The closing of the Census occurred at the end of October, and even the office does not present updates on the current population.

Whether to ask for the vote, warn them that they will not be counted in the Census, or which is the ethnic group most infected or with the most deaths from the pandemic, the hispanic community, in the U.S, today is news.

Political flirtation, suffering from the pandemic, the employee ¨indispensable¨, the 545 separated children have marked a 2020 that will leave a mark for this election, This is how experts and community leaders have warned.

Election results give hope to millions in this country, especially on the issue of migration, economy, health and social development.

Waiting for the President number 46, the nation is preparing to take another step in a process that, although not ideal, for many, is still the largest sample of a democracy.