El Salvador makes drill in 33 terromoto anniversary 1986

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora, with reports from Yaneth Estrada

The 10 October 1986 It was a devestador day for El Salvador, Central American country located in one of the areas with the most tremors in Central America.

The earthquake that hit the country that date, it is one of the most destructive in the history of the country. According to official data, more of 1,500 they died, other 200 thousand, they were damaged. further, the telluric movement destroyed 288,679 households.

Today, 33 years later, Salvadoran authorities, headed by the Ministry of the Interior, decided to carry out the 4th National Earthquake Evacuation Drill, with the aim of preparing, raise awareness and sensitize the population to possible earthquakes of great magnitude, that can impact the country.

further, authorities said they intend to contribute to building a culture of preparedness for these types of adverse events, to prevent loss of human life.

The president of the National Civil Protection Commission Mario Durán, stressed that "these types of drills should further strengthen our ability to react, as well as that the first response institutions are better articulated as a system to provide better attention to any eventuality ".

further, official said that: “We will work to strengthen the capacities of Civil Protection, which will allow responding to the various risks and challenges of climate change, with the primary goal of making El Salvador a resilient territory ”.

This fourth drill tested the capacity and performance of government entities such as Occupational Safety and Health Committees (CSSO); School Protection Committees and the coordination of the Departmental Commissions, Municipal Civil Protection and National Emergency Operations Center.

The drill was based on a possible earthquake 7.5 degrees on the Richter scale, with an epicenter located off the Pacific coast of El Salvador, an estimated focus around 60 kilometers and an intensity of VII of the modified Mercalli scale, with duration of 45 seconds, affecting the western zone, central, paracentral and eastern part of the country.

The exercise participated 6,054 educational centers nationwide, among other participating institutions.

earthquake 1986.
earthquake 1986.