10 August, 2022

8 of March: women march around the world

Verin 1/3/20 Feminist manifestation in poison Photos Martiño Pinal

Verin 1/3/20 Manifestación feminista en verín Fotos Martiño Pinal

By Carmen Rodriguez

On Sunday 8 of March, International Women's Day is commemorated. Thousands women, related to the feminist movement of their countries and others that support the fight for equal rights, they are preparing to march around the world.

Every year, the central theme of this march is the vindication of women's rights, labor equality and complaints against violence against women. further, each movement remembers victims of gender violence.

From Madrid, to Mexico, Argentina, Chile, El Salvador and the United States women take to the streets to make their voices heard. In recent years, the feminist movement has gained relevance, because the reports of cases of sexual abuse, rapes and murders of women, have made the headlines in many newspapers around the world.

Yes OK, this day commemorates the death of the Cotton factory workers, in New York who declared a strike at the premises of the place, demanding wage justice and that they were burned, by order of the owner of the company. These marches have also become a claim to governments and states that continue to perpetuate gender violence.

In recent years, Femicides have scaled levels that horrify women, especially in Latin America. In Mexico, In the first months of the year, there were two cases that shocked and outraged Mexicans: Indrig Escamilla, murdered and flayed by her partner and Fatima, one of 7 years, sexually abused and then murdered.

In El Salvador, the numbers of femicides have not only increased, but they have also been ignored. The greatest claim of feminist organizations is the Salvadoran government's lack of attention to this serious problem. The government of Nayib Bukele, cut the nation's budget, to programs that previous governments had developed.

International Women's Day, it is not a day to celebrate or to congratulate women, for being women. It is a day to remember the struggle of New York workers, The Struggle of Women as Prudencia Ayala, who fought for the right to vote.

It is a day to continue seeking equality, to denounce sexist violence, that silently claimed the lives of thousands of women around the world.

The 8 of March, It is a day to demand that the rights of all women are recognized and that governments guarantee the protection of all girls, women, teenagers, what are vulnerable situations.