76Anniversary of the Liberation of Italy

Photo: Courtesy.

By Rosy Figueroa

Italy – Every 25 April marks the anniversary of the Italian Liberation, a party also dedicated to the courage of the partisans, is remembered since the year 1946 for the liberation of the fascist government and end of the Nazi occupation of the country, It is also known as the Italian Resistance or Partisan.

Italians often celebrate in squares with allegorical parades,  accompanied by musical bands, the national anthem and songs, among them some famous ones like the partisans “Beautiful Hello”.

Photo: Courtesy.

They also usually take walks outdoors, tourist visits, lunches between family and friends, but this year it is still governed by quite restrictive measures due to the pandemic.

It should be remembered that Italy is still divided into red and orange zones, no region in the yellow zone, this in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Photo: Courtesy.

The first easing will only come into effect from Monday 26 of April, with several reopens in some regions of the peninsula, and practicing biosecurity measures for the protection of all citizens.