Impact of COVID-19 on underage students

In EE.UU. the new modality of the online class system has not been easy for children and parents who have little academic level. photo VD: Anayansi Rivas.
By Anayansi Rivas

In the United States, the school year began in August, but for many underage students, it has been difficult to adapt to the virtual system, since the vast majority of parents work, and some do not have the financial resources to pay for daycare and are forced to take them to work.

Lots of kids in the San Francisco Bay Area, they have to get up early, and they go through the discomfort of not having a fixed and comfortable place to receive classes, this situation affects their academic and psychological performance.

Maria testifies to that, a single mother, who works cleaning houses, for whom the greatest challenge for both her and her children during the pandemic has been to find the formula to get ahead, despite the difficulties.

"In my case, I am working less hours, i earn less, I have had to look for work in other places, I have no one to take care of my children and I cannot leave them alone because they are minors, every day that passes is a challenge for me ", said the young woman.

Lack of adequate spaces, how a classroom is causing a lack of concentration in student learning. photo VD: Anayansi Rivas.

Maria affirmed that not everything was negative, since luckily the family where he works accepted him to take their two children, He accommodated them a small space and there they receive their classes.

Definitely, It is an achievement for which she feels lucky, because other families do not accept that their employees take their children to work for reasons such as safety, space and time, among other reasons.

Meanwhile, an architectural professional who did not identify himself, He said that to ensure that his children receive classes he supports himself with his wife.

"We have two kids, sometimes they are in my office, other times my wife takes them to her work, she only worked while the kids were in school, but with the pandemic he has had to work longer hours ", he claimed.

The Internet platforms of the School District have had difficulties when students enter their classes. photo VD: Anayansi Rivas.

The young father complained about the economic crisis generated by the pandemic, which is "hitting hard" families by raising the cost of living especially in the San Francisco Bay area, which is the "cradle of technology" since it houses global companies such as Facebook, Amazon, IBM, Apple, Juniper, Oracle and many more.

Thats not all, In recent days the Internet platforms of the School Districts that offer virtual classes, have suffered impasses when entering classes, this not only in the San Francisco Bay but at the state level.