11 August, 2022

50 thousand people isolated in Italy by coronavirus

reference photo
By Engelbert Maldonado, Italy

The Italian Government declared a national emergency and ordered the isolation of 50 thousand people from several villages of the country, with the rapid expansion of the coronavirus in the Italian territory.

The executive decree ordered Sunday, It includes block access to ten villages located in the region of Lombardia, to some 50 kilometers to the southeast of the city of Milan. Italy is so far the European country with more people infected with coronavirus.

Official data suggest that in less than two weeks, the virus was detected, two people have died of the disease and also confirmed the authorities and 79 cases.

According to official figures, Were detected 54 cases in the region of Lombardia, the region most affected; 17 en Vaneto, Emilia Romagna in two, one in Piemonte, in Turin and two in Rome. The latter two cases, They were the first cases detected in the country and is two Chinese tourists.


According to the decree ordered by the Italian Government, the ten villages which have been ordered quarantine should be isolated for the next matenerse 14 days.

All access roads to these sites are blocked. further, It has banned the movement of public transport and railway stations closing, schools and public offices. Likewise, sterilization travel Food and Drug. People who violate these measures may be stopped.

If the coronavirus continues to advance in Italy, Authorities said they will extend this provision to regions where they need, especially in the northern region. This announcement caused alarm among the population and entrepreneurs, because this is the area of ​​greatest productivity and commercial activity in the region.

Hospitals in Milan, Saco and San Rafael, it caters for people with symptoms similar to that of flu, total isolation. Also all activities that bring together clusters of people were suspended.

As alternative measures, authorities recommend Italians nationwide, avoid being in public spaces overpopulated, Wash hands frequently, sanitize their hands, avoid contact with moist parts of the body, as the eyes and mouth; wear a mask if there is suspicion of flu or infection of coronavirus.