44 years of the murder of the priest Rutilio Grande and his two collaborators

Catholic parishioners attend each 12 March to the homily in memory of Father Rutilio Grande, in the Paisnal, Aguilares, municipality of San Salvador. photo VD: Yaneth Estrada.

By Yaneth Estrada

The 12 March 1977, they assassinated the Jesuit priest Rutilio Grande García along with his two collaborators Nelson Rutilio Lemus and Manuel Solórzano, action that prompted San Óscar Romero - with whom he was a friend- to insist on a thorough investigation of the fact.

Rutilio Grande was born on 5 July 1928 in El Paisnal, Aguilares,  department of San Salvador, north of El Salvador, and their 49 years took away his life.

Grande was a Jesuit priest of Aguilares, with a deep social vocation, On the day of his murder, he was on his way to pronounce the Eucharist in his hometown of El Paisnal, Aguilares, and then continue the novena to San José, in the same municipality of San Salvador.

photo VD: Yaneth Estrada.

It should be noted that the main missions of the Jesuit father was to defend the unprotected, and the immense love towards the neighbor, Rutilio, "Tilo" as the residents of the area called it, He was a missionary who collaborated with the inhabitants of Aguilares and El Paisnal in the project of the Kingdom of God the Father.

Salvadoran Catholic Communities , Every March 12 they remember Father Grande with masses and songs, date that commemorates the departure to the dwelling of who in life was a person who advocated for the poor and the defenseless humble.

But nevertheless, years later for his example of vocation, Pope Francis authorized the Congregation for the Cause of Saints, promulgate the Decree that gives way for the beatification of the Jesuit Father Rutilio Grande, the first Salvadoran priest assassinated.