found 39 people killed inside a truck in London

Photo: BBC.
For Recinos Kriscia

London authorities found 39 dead people inside a cargo truck. For now it is speculated that all the deceased were foreigners, Chinese national, who traveled clandestinely.

According to the first reports, the 39 people died from the low temperature, because they traveled inside the refrigerated container of the truck.

The only one caught is the truck driver, an irish from 25 years, identified as Mo Robinson, who also alerted the authorities after finding the pile of corpses in the container, where temperatures can reach 25 Under zero grades.

Robinson is investigated for homicide, but it is not clear if he knew of the people who were riding in the truck. Police seek to determine if it is a human trafficking network based in Northern Ireland with links in Bulgaria.

The truck arrived in the UK on Saturday through the port of Holyhead and from Dublin, In Ireland.

It is believed that it came to that island from the French port of Cherbourg and was reported to have Bulgarian license plates, Although this data could not be decisive since many companies register their trucks in that country for tax reasons.

The container, but nevertheless, traveled separately and by ship from the Belgian port of Zeebrugge and arrived in Purfleet in Essex on Wednesday, at which point the driver picked it up and parked the truck at Grays Waterglade Industrial Park.

It is not known when during the trip the people entered the container, nor its final destination.

According to a reconstruction made by Daily Mail, based on security cameras and testimonials from friends of Robinson, He opened the door of the container to search for documents and then he noticed the corpses.

He immediately called the emergency service 999, an ambulance arrived declaring the death of all the people and contacted the police.

There are contradictory versions about the latter.

Among the deceased there are 31 men and eight women, including a teenage girl.

Staff from the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom went to the scene to verify the events, according to a statement issued by the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

Photo: BBC.