10 August, 2022

204,405 coronavirus infected worldwide

Street 14, that crosses the District of Washington DC, looks bleak, after authorities ordered the closure of shops and offices last Monday. Photo VD Ricardo “That” Gutiérrez

By Carmen Rodriguez, Washington DC

The expansion of the coronavirus around the world not to. Until Wednesday, the official figure indicates that 204,405 people have tested positive for the disease.

After China, Italy is the country most affected. In the Italian territory are confirmed 31,506 cases; of all cases, 2,503 people died of this disease.

According to the tracking site, of the development of the Covid-19 gathering information of all cases worldwide, until Wednesday 18 of March, 8,232 people have died of the coronavirus.

Italy, He ordered all its citizens and residents remain isolated in their homes a week ago. Although this was a measure to counter the spread of the disease, the numbers of new cases continue to hike.

Meanwhile, Spain, He begins to emerge as the second most affected country in Europe. According to figures, in less than a month are recorded 13,910 new cases.

The Spanish authorities also ordered the isolation of the entire population since last weekend. Everyone who roam the streets, They are forced to return to their homes or in the worst case, taken to a police station.

Where America

In the American continent, The United States is currently the most affected country. The first cases of coronavirus were confirmed in February to Wednesday data indicate that there is 6,209 confirmed cases in the country.

The state with the highest number of cases is New York. Here the authorities confirmed 1,653 cases and since last Friday, Governor Andrew Cuomo, It has taken extreme measures.

At the least four states of the American Nation, ordered closing bars, restaurants and recreation centers to prevent agglomeration of people.

It is speculated that some governors are pushing President Donald Trump for the Federal Government orders the isolation of all persons, as health authorities warned that the numbers will increase dramatically.

For now, Latin America is the region least affected of the continent. Reported here 801 cases and five deaths. The most affected country is Chile, where they are recorded and most of 201 cases.

Until now, the only country where the authorities do not report cases El Salvador. According to the president Najib reported Bukele, yes there are suspected cases, but only tests have been performed four people.

In this country, nail 350 people, mostly Salvadorans, They are in isolation, after arriving on commercial flights last week and were taken to observation centers set up by authorities.