11 August, 2022

200 thousand teachers protest against budget cuts to education in Ontario

By Luisa Moncada, Glen

200 thousand teachers came together to protest and put pressure on the local government in its intentions to cut the education budget. Measure, which it is a historical action in Canada, It also included the closure of 5,000 schools in the province of Ontario.

With this action teachers and unions seek to pressure the government of the conservative Doug Ford, also, aims to increase the number of children per classroom in schools.

This is the first time in 23 years that Ontario teachers come together to protest and pressure on local government.

Teachers also have, with the support of citizenship, that despite weather conditions, Typical winter, They left their homes to show solidarity with the educational union.

But also, Support came from other sectors. Many local businesses offered special discounts to teachers who participated in protests.

While two million students remained in their homes, due to protests, negotiations between teachers' unions and the authorities are deadlocked. Esepera will continue next week rotating closures in French Education Board, Catholic, Public and Secondary Education in.