2 dead and hundreds injured in Venezuela border

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Several points on the borders of Venezuela became battlegrounds Saturday when opposition groups against Nicolas Maduro, They clashed with security forces that prevented the government from entering the country several trucks with humanitarian aid.

The conflict that left two people dead and more than 285 wounded, then it gave border authorities retain 34 trucks in which the aid is mobilized.

In riots, two trucks were burned and as reported by the Special Monitoring Commission Humanitarian Aid, akin to the president recognized by the international community, only two railcars managed to enter Venezuelan territory before the confrontation.

The border with Colombia was the most affected. Colombian Foreign Minister, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, confirmed the number of dead and injured. While the Venezuelan deputy, Gaby Arellano, He said that the Bolivarian National Police, He burned three trucks that left the Colombian territory morning.

Saturday was the day designated by Juan Guaidó, President of the National Assembly, recognized by more than 50 countries like Venezuela President in charge of, for income aid.

Until now, Guaidó and its allies fail the entry of humanitarian aid for any of the four points that would target, land borders with Colombia and Brazil.

Holmes Trujillo Foreign Minister also said Saturday the number of members of the Armed Forces of Venezuela who defected and sought refuge in Colombia amounted to more than 60 effective.

Meanwhile, Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro said tonight that the verification group that international organization documented a 285 people injured (255 Venezuelans and 30 Colombian), and they received at least 14 reports of killings.

Maduro's reaction was swift. The leader Chavez broke relations with Colombia and like he did with US diplomats, it gave 24 Colombian hours to leave the country.

The Colombian government and the OAS responded to Maduro replying that "an unrecognized illegitimate regime can not break relations with a State".

On the other hand, Juan Guaidó asked the same Saturday night to the international community to keep all the cards on the table and announced that this Monday will meet with the Group of Lima and US Vice President Mike Pence to discuss possible diplomatic actions against the regime of Maduro.