19 US immigration detainees threaten suicide

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

U.S. Some 19 immigrants Immigration Detention Center Otero County (KCT for its acronym in English), a New Mexico, They warned that US authorities might commit mass suicide in the coming days.

According to the organization Freedom for Immigrants, This is a drastic measure that immigrants have decided to take so that their requests are heard and the conditions in which they are kept in detention change.

“Conditions and rights violations at the OCPC have become unsustainable, for many this is a drastic step to take, but it is the only option they see for these conditions to change”, the organization said in an official statement.

Last Friday, Two Cuban immigrants detained in the same center slit their veins as a desperate measure given the conditions and delays in the asylum processes that both await.

The Freedom for Immigrants report details that the two men, are being monitored and receiving medical assistance. While others were put in confinement by the authorities, to avoid new cases of this type.

Various attorneys who work with the organization that assists immigrants, sent letters to congressmen in New Mexico requesting that they visit the detention centers and observe the conditions to which people detained in the United States are exposed.

further, between requests, the lawyers demand that the authorities and congressmen promote the liberation of immigrants who have threatened to commit suicide and that an investigation be opened in the face of the complaints.

Two days before this incident, the Cuban Roylán Hernández Díaz, committed suicide in a Louisiana detention center, in the custody of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE, for its acronym in English).

According to the reports of the organizations that closely followed this case, Hernández, he had been waiting five months for a hearing to be set up to apply for asylum and was afraid of being deported to the island.