19 people shot to death by a dentist in Canada

Photos: Canada Police.
By Luisa Moncada

More than a dozen people died Sunday in a shooting in a rural area of ​​Portapique, New Scotland, Glen. Crime was rated the worst massacre, registered in the country.

Canadian authorities identified the alleged murderer as Gabriel Wortman, a dentist from 51 years. The attacker died after the Police, you will find it at a gas station.

For the moment, the authorities did not give information on the motives for the crime.

Wormant plus, starred in a police chase that spanned more than 12 hours. Police chased the man, for at the least, 50 kilometers.

The persecution was described by the chief of criminal operations of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Chief Supt, Chris Leather, like a “situation that evolved very quickly and a chaotic scene”.

Counting victims has been difficult for authorities, because the attacker moved through several rural areas, murdering those he found in his path.

The death toll and the triggers are still unclear. Until Sunday afternoon, authorities confirmed 19 dead, but the investigations are still ongoing and it is not ruled out that the number increases.

Photo of the alleged attacker, released by the Canadian Police.

According to the authorities, the shots would have been random; but nevertheless, the first inquiries, indicate that this event was planned, because the attacker drove in a simulated police vehicle and wore a uniform similar to that of the Nova Scotia security forces.

For the moment, the police do not determine that there is any kind of relationship between the attacker and the victims.

In fact, a police officer lost her life. "With great sadness we have lost Heidi Stevenson, a veteran of the force, of 23 years she was killed this morning while responding to an active shooter incident”, held the commanding officer of the RCMP in Nova Scotia, Lee Bergerman.

Heidy Stevenson, officer who died while facing the suspect. Canada Police Photo.


Canada's Minister of Public Security and Emergency Prevention, Bill Blair, expressed on his Twitter account, what “his heart goes out to the families of all those who lost their lives in today's tragic incident in Portapique, including the family of RCMP member Heidi Stevenson”, at the same time thanking RCMP for the hard work in the face of the emergency.

While the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Tradeau described the fact as“a terrible act of senseless violence”. “Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the Nova Scotia shooting.. For the Portapique community, we keep them all in our thoughts”, noted the official.  

The last time the country recorded a multiple murder like this, was the 6 from December to 1989, when Marc Lepine, murdered 14 women at the University of Quebec. The event was named as the Montreal Polytechnic School Massacre.