16 August, 2022

12 soldiers are withdrawn from their security activities in Washington, D.C., for breach of the homeland

photo VD: Saul Hernandez.

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

U.S – The authorities confirmed that 12 of the military personnel present were removed from the scene and will not participate in the activity, They found links of suspected non-compliance with the homeland after conducting a thorough review.

More of 25 a thousand soldiers were transferred from different parts of the United States to Washington, D.C., para encargarse de resguardar el Capitolio, headquarters of Joe Biden's inauguration.

photo VD: Saul Hernandez.

The members of the National Guard are observed and listened carefully for their participation in the ceremony where the next president of the country will be sworn in..

According to initial information, the suspended security elements have links with extreme right-wing groups, lo que es un potencial riesgo potencial para la asunción.

photo VD: Saul Hernandez.

Comments made by the soldiers themselves was the reason that led them to suspend them from activities,  and there will be an investigation that will follow up on their statements, reported the Pentagon.

The commander of the National Guard, Daniel Hokanson, did not clarify what the comments and text messages that led to the suspension of subordinates were about.

photo VD: Saul Hernandez.

The suspended soldiers will be investigated by the Federal Agency for Investigation and Intelligence (FBI, for its acronym in English), It was known that there was a warning from colleagues and superiors about the risk posed by the elements removed for the celebration of the inauguration,  

Meanwhile, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),  informed that it will review the background of each of the separate military personnel to notify their superiors in the coming days.