26 November, 2022

12 years in prison for former Minister of Public Works of El Salvador for embezzlement

Photo: Prosecutors in El Salvador.
By Yaneth Estrada

Jorge Nieto, former Minister of Public Works, He was sentenced on Friday 12 years in prison for having embezzled $20 million building Diego Olguin Boulevard, now known as Monsignor Romero.

grandchild, It was part of the government cabinet of the former President Elias Antonio Saca, recently convicted of corruption offenses and having appropriated funds from the Salvadoran State.

further, in Case, the Fifth Sentencing Court of San Salvador, He ordered the former minister to pay the Salvadoran State $12,984,953.52 as compensation for the crime committed.

In the same case, Also on trial was former deputy minister Sigfredo Ochoa Gómez, but this was acquitted of the charges of embezzlement, embezzlement and forgery.

further, former employees of Public Works, Ernesto Cañas, Carlos Alberto Ruíz Colorado and were sentenced to 3 years in prison for embezzlement because, but they will not go to prison.

Judge the case said Jorge Nieto, "start ( management) with a willingness, but from September 2007 He had a misconduct which caused injury to the State ".

The prosecutor rejected the defense request that Jorge Nieto will be granted house arrest and ordered that the former minister was sent to prison.

Photo: Prosecutors in El Salvador.