11 August, 2022

10 women murdered in Mexico every day

Photo Laura Carlsen, courtesy

By Carmen Rodriguez

Murders of women in Mexico are on the rise. In February, the country shivered with two femicides in great barbarity. Thousands of women took to the streets to demand the authorities more concrete actions to address the issue of violence against women.

The 9 February, Ingrid Escamilla, of 25 years was stabbed and brutally skinned by her partner, a man twice his age. The crime occurred in the apartment where the couple lived in Mexico City, nobody heard anything and nobody said anything to the authorities.

The images of the mutilated body, that portrayed the savagery with which the man killed Ingrid were exposed without any qualms in the country's newspapers, with headlines that overshadowed the seriousness of the crime. This caused even more outrage.

Eight days later, also in Mexico City, was found inside a garbage bag, the body of Fatima, a girl 7 years, also murdered with the luxury of barbarism. His body had signs of torture.

Fatima, She was taken from the school where she was studying by a woman, what is supposed, took her to a house in Xochimilco where two men sexually abused her and then murdered her. Last Tuesday the authorities published photos of the woman who they have only identified as Jovana V.

The criticisms in the country were diverse. On the one hand, some questioned why the school allowed Fatima to leave the school grounds with a stranger. On the other hand, some people criticized the absence of the mother at the time the girl was removed from the place.

Femicides on the rise

Data from the National Institute of Statistics of Mexico, indicate that since 2018, an average of ten murders of women are registered in the country per day. further, in recent 29 years, 2018 It is the year in which the most femicides have been committed in Mexican territory.

During that year, 3,752 women were murdered in the country and so far, the authorities do not pay the necessary attention to this problem. Before Ingrid's femininity, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), said that the issue of femicides has been manipulated by feminist groups.

On Wednesday, at a local press conference, AMLO showed a passive stance on the murder of Fatima and said that “when changing a corrupt regime, there no longer have to be human rights violations… there is no reason to commit injustices”.

Mexican society and macho culture

“Misogynistic attitudes in society cultivate violence among men and at the same time promote the disinterest of the Prosecutor's Office in relation to it (the violence)”, told the Mexican news agency Público, the historian expert on the subject of feminism, Catherine Andrews.

Public, It also states in a publication that in a diagnosis on gender violence and machismo carried out in Mexico recently, highlights that public officials and authorities have zero training in human rights and gender perspective.

Femicide is the culmination of sexist violence, the main motive of the murderer is the condition of being the woman of his victim. Thousands of women, relatives of victims of gender violence denounce that the authorities in the country do not have assistance protocols, action and prevention in cases of gender violence.

According to the National Observatory of Femicide of the country, only 25% of murders of women, related to feminicidal and gender violence, are investigated as such in the country.