10 dead stop protests against re-election of Evo Morales

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The protests that began in Bolivia, the 20 October, for the dubious outcome of the presidential election, in which Evo Morales re-elected, and they left ten dead.

Bolivians took to the streets in a nationwide strike, a day after the elections. Prior to protests, counting of votes, in which Carlos Mesa took advantage over Morales, It was suspended for more than 24 hours.

Once he resumed counting of votes, the numbers changed unexpectedly and Evo Morales, He declared that the people had voted for his reelection.

But nevertheless, This drew criticism, doubts and discontent in Bolivia. The opposition candidate said the country was facing an electoral fraud, the international community called for a second round, you suspect considering the suspension of the vote count.

And civil society organizations called for a national strike to protest the victory of Evo Morales.

The Bolivian community in Washington, He denounced this week that this is a maneuver to keep Evo Morales in Bolivia and also Executive, He said that there had been killings of opposition leaders in the last hours.