Thursday, August 5, 2021

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Soon the United States will require that all people who enter the country be vaccinated

Redacción Voz de la Diáspora El Gobierno del presidente Joe Biden está desarrollando un plan para exigir a todos los visitantes extranjeros que estén totalmente inmunizados contra el coronavirus. Se trata de un plan ante el eventual levantamiento de las restricciones de viaje que impiden a gran parte del mundo ingresar a territorio estadounidense. The […]

Brush fire in the Highland Park area, in Los Angeles, California

By Milagro Orellana California, the golden state in the western United States,  suffers the fire season, And this time it was Highland Park in the city of Los Angeles that went up in flames, the fire department with two helicopters appeared at the scene, they both smothered the flames, se desconoce el origen del siniestro. […]

Corpse discovered excavating huts in the Jute River, The Savior

Por Deysi Dominguez La excavación de bordas en el Río El Jute, Liberty Harbor, The Savior, uncovered a clandestine grave where a lifeless body of a woman appeared, presumed to have disappeared from the past 8 June of the current year. The find was discovered on Friday 30 […]

Panamanian Gianna Woodruff qualifies for the final of the 400 meters hurdles in Japan

Redacción Voz de la Diáspora La vallista panameña, Gianna Woodruff qualified for the final of the 400 hurdles at the Tokyo Olympics with a time of 54.22 seconds, becoming a new national record, and South American. Woodruff placed second in her qualifying series behind the American, y dueña del […]

The phenomenon of depersonalization

Por Geraldine Emiliani En medicina, the phenomenon of depersonalization is known as the state of some patients with mental disorders in which they feel strange to themselves, your own body and your environment, and due to their progressive depersonalization they have to be admitted. En la sociedad que supone la convivencia y […]

Increase of the 20% to the minimum wage in El Salvador and prices of products and services skyrocket

Drafting Voice of the Diaspora As of 1 August, the increase in the 20% to the minimum wage that has not been adjusted since the year 2018 and is expected to benefit more than 580 thousand workers in the commerce sector, industry, service and agriculture. With just the announcement by the […]

Alcohol in adolescent girls

By Geraldine Emiliani, Clinical psychologist, Family and Couples Therapist This is Miguel's testimony, that their 18 years is not silent about the behavior of her friend under the control of alcohol: “I was with my friends when she arrived. I remember that she greeted me very effusively., she is super pretty, […]

El Salvador faces a spike in Covid-19 infections as it advances its vaccination strategy

Drafting Voice of the Diaspora In the midst of a spike in infections and deaths, the official announcement of the presence of the Delta variant and the start of vaccination for children from 12 years of age onwards,  El Salvador faces the Covid-19 pandemic. The month of July closed with the most […]

We commemorate the Day of the Salvadoran Journalist

It is 31 of July, Voice of the Diaspora commemorated the Day of the Salvadoran Journalist with its correspondents in the 5 Continents.

Salvadoran community in Milan celebrates mass in honor of the Divine Savior of the World

Monsignor Romero Community in Milan, celebrate solemn mass in honor of the Divine Savior of the World. Consul Bernardo Menjívar attended the celebration to accompany the Salvadoran diaspora in Milan.

China faces its worst coronavirus outbreak since pandemic began

Writing Voice of the Diaspora China's state media began reporting the new coronavirus outbreak as "the most widespread contagion since Wuhan", with the difference that this time it is in Nanjing and it spread to five provinces of Beijing, capital of china. At least 200 people were infected since it was detected […]

The role of journalism in a society in crisis

By José Luis Benítez On the Day of the Journalist in El Salvador we invite you to listen to this episode of the Animal Express podcast: “The role of journalism in a society in crisis”. Reflections of Father Ignacio Ellacuría on Salvadoran journalism.

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