Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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Spanish priests remind Jesuits murdered in El Salvador

Writing Voice of Diaspora Hundreds weekend Salvadorans gathered to commemorate the martyrdom of six Jesuit sarcedores, of Spanish origin, killed during the civil war in El Salvador. He condemned the crime and qualified as crimes against humanity by the International Community, still does not receive justice. In the Report of the […]

Children in El Salvador receive toys from Los Angeles

By Patricia Martínez The corner of Vermont Avenue and Cordova Street, in the city of Los Angeles, California, known among the Salvadoran community as “Little El Salvador”, it was the scene at hundreds of people were given appointment, to donate toys, that Christmas will be given to underprivileged children. This is the […]

Salvadoran sculptor towards global event in Egypt

By Deysi Peña From childhood he played with the black sand of the coast of Puerto de La Libertad and now has become an expert sculptor, and will travel to Egypt to represent El Salvador in World Youth Forum (World Youth Forum), that held between 1 al 12 from December […]

Milan pays tribute to Jesuit martyrs 30 years of slaughter in El Salvador

By Rosy Figueroa 16 November 1989 They were killed at the Universidad Centroamericana Jose Simeon Canas ( UCA) From El Salvador, six priests of the Society of Jesus, along with two lay collaborators. San Angelo church in the heart of the Italian city was the scene of the meeting between journalists, teachers, […]

Madrid also celebrates the Day Pupusa

By Dennis Aguillón The celebration of the Day of Pupusa, He reached the other side of the world. Madrid joined this tradition is carried out in El Salvador and in other American cities where lie thousands of Salvadorans. Rio Grande restaurant Pupusería Madrid, It was the seat of the first Salvadoran food festival, where no […]

"Lack shelter to victims by the State": odaly Rivas

By Yaneth Estrada El Salvador The situation of violence that women live in one of the Central American countries with high levels of gender violence and aggression against women is “regrettable”. This was explained the NGO Action Aid, also he presented a report on progress and setbacks in […]

More of 100,000 cases of violence against women in El Salvador

Yaneth Estrada The Attorney General's Office (PGR), He attended from 2012 Y 2019 more of 100,000 violence against women, one of the most violent countries in Central America: The Savior. El Salvador has a global alert for its high number of femicide, what in 2019 and counted 134 cases. In […]

Statement to attacks on our journalists

14 November 2019 Following two journalistic publications, in which the alleged predatory sexual behavior of the communicator denounces Roberto Hugo Preza, the international news agency Voice of Diaspora received threats, teasing, defamation and attempted hacking into social networking accounts of our members. The first victims […]

Panama's Attorney General relinquish office after former president eavesdropping

By Elida Moreno Panama's Attorney General, Kenya Porcell announced he will leave office on 1 of January of 2020 after the alleged disclosure of private communications that have been stolen from the phone of the president, Juan Carlos Varela (2014-2019), including conversations with diplomats, businessmen, MPs, and former government officials last. "I have taken […]

“Do not look at any pretty woman… Here they are all of Roberto Hugo Preza”

second Delivery, by Carmen Rodriguez, with the special collaboration of Diana Arias harassment suffered by journalists it was reiterated. Selena says that with so much insistence, He agreed to go for a coffee with your boss, thinking that the meeting would be to discuss work. But nevertheless, That was the worst episode that recalls the journalist, well […]

Journalists denounce sexual harassment in television in El Salvador

First delivery, by Carmen Rodríguez The unjust and arbitrary sentencing in El Salvador, where three judges ruled that touching a girl 10 years, It is not a crime, but a lack of good manners caused outrage in the country. But, sexual offenses occur not only on the street, They are also alarming […]

Salvadoran Penal Code reform to punish “impudent tocamiento” girls

Writing Voice of Diaspora Unanimous! That it was the vote that was achieved in the Committee on Legislation to the initiative presented by the Deputy Marcela Villatoro with which amended the Penal Code of El Salvador and included in Articles 160 Y 161 the "lewd fondling" a crime of sexual assault. […]

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