Tuesday, May 18, 2021

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Family remittances from Salvadorans abroad increase during the month of April

Solo en recargas a teléfonos móviles sumaron US$7.9 millones

Texas: A fleeting glance

Nuestro destino era California pero pasamos una semana con familiares en Texas en donde conocimos un poco y disfrutamos alegres veladas luego de encierros por la larga crisis sanitaria mundial y graves efectos climáticos. Por Texas pasan o residen miles de migrantes centroamericanos que huyen de sus países por problemas económicos, políticos y sociales, Many […]

Prepare for storms or hurricanes

Maria T. Morales La temporada de huracanes de 2021 está a las puertas, y esto significa que es el momento para actualizar suministros de emergencia como agua, baterías, comida en lata, lamps, velas, entre otros productos básicos para enfrentar cualquier emergencia relacionada con el clima lluvioso. La semana de preparación para huracanes, of the 9 al […]

Next Monday is the last day to pay and file taxes

Para ciudadanos de Texas, Louisiana y Oklahoma, el plazo vence hasta el 17 de junio como alivio por el azote de las últimas tormentas invernales. By Maria T. Morales United States – El servicio de impuestos internos (IRS for its acronym in English) recuerda a los contribuyentes que este lunes 17 de mayo será el […]

Chinese rocket debris falls into Indian Ocean

Drafting Voice of the Diaspora The remains of the Chinese Long March 5B rocket entered the atmosphere at 10.24 (2.24 GMT) of this Saturday and fell to 72.47 degrees of east longitude and 2.65 degrees north latitude, China Manned Space Engineering Office announced. The coordinates indicated that the wreckage impacted […]

Violent weekend in America

Writing Voice of the Diaspora A woman and a baby were injured in Times Square, one of the most visited places by tourists in New York. Both were transferred to Bellevue Hospital, their health status is unknown. The suspect fled the scene so the authorities alerted the population to avoid […]

Get to know the oil capital of California

By Miguel Villalta Despite its rapid population growth, there are still many spaces of peace and tranquility in the city of Bakersfield, capital of Kern County in California. U.S. Due to its agricultural diversity, it is considered the most diverse and productive city in the world., its valleys produce around 250 different crops. […]

Democracy threatened in El Salvador

By José Luis Benítez This episode presents a summary of the facts and national and international reactions to the unconstitutional decision of the new Legislative Assembly to remove the magistrates of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice from their positions. to the Attorney General of the […]

Parents who hate

By Dra. Margarita Mendoza Burgos It is quite common to hear children who hate their parents, and the reasons can be multiple. But nevertheless, it is difficult to find inverse processes. That is to say, parents who hate their children. Hard, but not impossible ... Of course you can reject a child and there is a range of […]

The current situation of press freedom in Central America

By José Luis Benítez This episode presents a look at the situation of press freedom in Central American countries. Data and evaluations from the World Ranking report are retaken 2021 of the freedom of the press of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and the country reports presented at the meeting of […]

Protests in Mexico City due to the situation in Colombia

Participants demanded justice for the murdered youth. To date, at least 19 dead and 800 wounded.

Colombia represses protests

The President of Colombia Iván Duque Márquez after presenting a Tax Reform, takes a step back due to the wave of violence caused by police repression, before the different marches in protest against the discontent of the population with the tax reform package.

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