Monday, September 21, 2020

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Italians will decide whether or not to reduce the number of their parliamentarians

Por Rosy Figueroa Los italianos decidirán este 20 Y 21 de septiembre si reducen o no el número de sus parlamentarios. El primer Ministro Giuseppe Conte, es uno de los principales impulsores del ‘Sí’, y confía en que el recorte de los legisladores sea de (casi el 40%) y que esto no perjudicará el funcionamiento […]

The social media dilemma

Por Héctor Murcia A inicios de septiembre, Netflix dio a conocer un documental de producción propia sobre la realidad poco conocida de las redes sociales. Este documental pasaría desapercibido de no ser porque quienes exponen esta realidad oscura son personas que han formado parte como fundadores o creadores de las grandes plataformas de redes sociales […]

Passengers stranded in Los Angeles after their COVID-19 tests were rejected

Drafting Voice of the Diaspora Salvadorans stranded in Los Angeles, California showed their concern after they could not board the flights to their country today, not being accepted by the airlines in which they would travel, COVID-19 testing conducted by the City of Los Angeles, as reported on social networks. The […]

Ancestral traditions and customs without heirs

Of our cultural roots and identity as Salvadorans. By José Eduardo Cubías Colorado I am concerned about the uncertainty about the continuity of ancestral traditions and customs as to whether there are heirs to this cultural legacy. Worrying too, knowledge of Transculturation and Post-Modernity that erases all roots to the native soil. I mean […]

Terri Thrush: "The pandemic marked a new era in the film industry"

Drafting Voice of the Diaspora Since the pandemic originated in the world, many things changed for the film industry. For almost six months, several productions were totally paralyzed, recordings were delayed, Premieres were suspended and thousands of people saw their source of income ceased. Para Terri Thrush, Panamanian production company dedicated for […]

Salvadoran company carries out disinfection of dependencies of the Ministry of Health of Panama as part of its CSR

Drafting Voice of the Diaspora As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility campaign, Human Power Group held a sanitation and Bio-disinfection session at the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Health in Panama East and at the Las Margaritas de Chepo Health Center. Both departments of the Minsa were sanitized to allow their […]

Spain: They find a Guatemalan woman dismembered

By Dennis Aguillón A woman from Guatemala, identified as Nancy Paola Reyes, was found dismembered in Ciudad Real, province of Castilla in Spain. Her family reported her missing several weeks ago. The main suspect is her boyfriend, a Colombian man from 28 years, who has already been captured by the authorities and is […]

Sally leaves serious damage in her wake

By Milagro Orellana The passage of Hurricane Sally has caused major flooding and material damage in the Orange Beach area, in Alabama, U.S. The phenomenon that became a tropical storm this Wednesday, is leaving historic flooding in Florida and Alabama. The slow trajectory of the natural phenomenon will continue to hit part of both […]

Smoke from California wildfires made its way to New York

Editorial Voice of the Diaspora Smoke caused by wildfires in the western United States, not only did it generate the most toxic air on the planet, but it has already reached the states of Boston, Washington and New York. “This smoke is obscuring the sun and will keep temperatures a few degrees cooler today than […]

Insecurity and unemployment, causes of migration of Salvadorans

By José Eduardo Cubías Colorado Opinion polls sponsored by the media and universities reveal that insecurity and unemployment are the predominant causes of the migration of Salvadorans to the United States, This situation is related to the alarming increase in the murders of the defenseless by gang members. […]

Hurricane Sally begins to be felt on the coasts of Louisiana and Alabama

By Milagro Orellana It is expected that this Wednesday, Sally make landfall as a hurricane category 1 on the central gulf coast, in Louisiana and Alabama. The slow movement will bring significant rainfall with isolated amounts of 30 inches and a high potential for life-threatening flash floods. Extremely Dangerous Storm Surge Expected […]

Salvadoran accused of aggravated homicide is extradited from the United States

Writing Voice of the Diaspora Houston, Texas. Execution and Removal Operations Officers (I WAS) of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) in Houston, Texas, reported the extradition of the Salvadoran José Francisco Quintanilla Granados, of 27 year old, who entered the northern country illegally. Quintanilla Granados, what […]

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