Monday, July 15, 2019

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Mexico and Argentina will meet in San Antonio,Texas

Por María Teresa Pérez Será la primera vez que el argentino Gerardo “Tata” Martino, opposite its expupilos, whom he directed between 2014 Y 2016. It was in Argentina, where both teams played the last time 2018. As part of its 17th annual US tour, Mexico's national team, […]

Barry golpea a New Orleans

Por María Teresa Pérez Louisiana no había sido tan duramente impactada desde que sufrió los estragos del huracán Katrina, in 2005. Rescuing people from floods, canceled flights and paralyzed public transport, are some of the effects of the impact of Hurricane Barry, that at landfall in Louisiana, ha sido degradado a tormenta […]

Southern California affected by heat hello

Por Milagro Orellana Este fin de semana, el sur de California enfrenta una ola de calor que persistirá por varios días de acuerdo a las autoridades. Las altas temperaturas podrían llegar a 95 Y 102 grados en Los Ángeles, registrándose las más cálidas en los valles de San Fernando y Santa Clarita, según un comunicado […]

Ukraine applied chemical castration for pedophiles

Por Kriscia Recinos El Parlamento de Ucrania aprobó cambios en algunas leyes para aumentar los castigos por delitos sexuales cometidos contra menores de edad. Esto incluye sentencias más largas y la castración química. La información fue publicada oficialmente en el sitio web del parlamento ucraniano. La castración química es una inyección de medicamentos anti-andrógenos que […]

Federer his 12th Wimbledon final after beating Nadal

By Dennis Aguillón was not a party to any, It was quite clear. The Spanish and Swiss jumped to the Wimbledon Center Court, applauded by the public and received as two true legends. It was a party to deal with a forcefulness unceremoniously, and the task was accepted by both sides. The Swiss beat the Spanish by […]

Texas will not be impacted by Barry

By María Teresa Pérez Barry, officially formed in the northern Gulf of Mexico, as a tropical storm, It could hit the coast of Louisiana this weekend, as hurricane, They warned the authorities. Barry storm that threatened to impact Texas, specifically the city of Houston, It has deviated. Force of nature, […]

United States Coast Guard intercepts narco-submarine

By Kriscia Recinos Video of the moment the United States Coast Guard intercepted a submarine carrying drug was captured and disseminated through its official social networks. According to the report, Vice President of North American country, Mike Pence participate in the release of the drug seized in Pacific waters, […]

At least five dead and several injured after an explosion at a propane gas sales in El Salvador

By Yaneth Estrada This morning was recorded in the municipality of Mejicanos, in El Salvador, an explosion in a sale propane, which left a toll of at least 5 dead people and more than 20 wounded. Until now, the National Civil Police, Armed Forces and the Municipality of Mejicanos verify damage […]

United States is the second country in the world where Spanish is spoken more

By Kriscia Recinos A study presented by the Instituto Cervantes, from Spain, It concluded that the United States will become the second Spanish-speaking country in the world from the year 2060, only after Mexico. The document explains that even 2019, almost 483 million people have Spanish as their mother tongue and adding students, speakers […]

Louisiana declares emergency after the arrival of the first hurricane of the Gulf of Mexico

Writing Voice of Diaspora Louisiana Gov., John Bel Edwards declared an emergency before the prognosis of formation of the first hurricane of the season, which may make landfall on the US central Gulf Coast of Mexico, this Thursday, according to information from the National Hurricane Center. The agency said it […]

President of El Salvador “press” deputies to approve $91 million for security

By Yaneth Estrada In his first national Radio and Television, the president of the Republic, n watch, He called the deputies of the Legislative Assembly to vote for the safety of El Salvador and approve $91 million to develop the second phase of Plan of Territorial Control. Likewise, explained that the […]

Gerard Piqué in trouble with the IRS

By Dennis Aguillón The Spanish footballer, Gerard Piqué, news again and not just in football, Barcelona defender has a case against him for diving and assign its rights to your company Kerad Project 2006. The defense had filed an appeal, but he lost the battle before […]

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