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Recommend to the President of El Salvador to investigate cases of dismissals of civil servants

Por Yaneth Estrada El presidente de El Salvador, Najib Bukele ordered the dismissal of Gilberto Velasquez Canjura, legal director of the National Administration of Aqueducts and Sewers ANDA for being a relative of former Minister of Education, Carlos Shahidinejad. "He is ordered to the president of ANDA, Frederick Cardona Benitez remove Gilberto Canjura, hermano del ex […]

El Salvador and the experience of rule by twit

By Francisco Ayala Silva 280 characters, that's what has taken fire 400 Salvadoran officials, a tweet at a time. So he has dismissed Najib Bukele, the newly sworn president of El Salvador, who at 37 years is the second youngest president who has had the small Central American nation. Bukele was […]

Found first letter informing return after Christopher Columbus discovered America

By Hector Murcia The Historical Archive of the Nobility, under the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Spain, It has announced the discovery of what could be the first letter notifying the return to the peninsula of Christopher Columbus, after discovery of America. This finding was possible, through the process […]

Selection of El Salvador rises 2 positions in FIFA rankings

By Dennis Aguillón The FIFA rankings still relevant today, as it is taken into account to locate the different teams in World Cup qualifying. Selection of El Salvador Friday dawned at No. 69, climbing 2 steps from the previous draw. In the Concacaf "The […]

Mexican actress Edith González dies cancer victim

By Kriscia Recinos Renowned Mexican actress, Edith González, He died at the 54 after a long battle with ovarian cancer. Gonzalez was hospitalized at Hospital Angeles Interlomas after a weakening health worsened in the last hours, and he took his family to make the decision to disconnect […]

Meet the challenges in producing male contraceptive

By Dennis Aguillón A new male contraceptive pill could be safe, but the road is long to go say researchers, many people expect men to take oral contraception. But nevertheless, There is a challenge with hormonal contraceptives, as well as suppress testosterone levels in men very […]

Church denounces that has become the lifeline of refugees in Spain

By Dennis Aguillón "It's not easy from your country to reach a different one without any recourse and children in your charge. We should be an emergency solution, but in the end we are a habitual ", explains Javier Ojeda, pastor of the Church of St. Irene in Madrid, Spain. This same situation, It has been denounced by […]

Iker Casillas refutes information about his retirement

By Dennis Aguillón The Spanish goalkeeper came out to the rumors that were handled by his possible retirement from professional football, and be part of the directive Porto. The goalkeeper has denied this information, as it did the previous month. Casillas is still recovering from the heart attack suffered makes it a little […]

House arrest for Panamanian president Ricardo Martinelli

Writing Voice of Diaspora The Oral Trial Court ruled dawn Wednesday, the measure of house arrest for the former president Ricardo Martinelli Panama. This resolution comes after the defense request, the accused after serving a year of pretrial detention in the prison El Renacer. A […]

They ask the Canadian government to reopen the Canadian Immigration Office in Havana

Oscar Vigil Toronto, Glen. The liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is under intense pressure to reopen the Immigration Office of the Canadian Embassy in Havana, Cuba, which it was recently closed on grounds of security for diplomatic personnel. The closure of the Office of Immigration […]

Constitutional Court of Ecuador approves gay marriage

By Kriscia Recinos Of the nine lawyers who make up the Supreme Court, five voted for allowing unions Efrain Javier Soria Benalcázar and Ruben Salazar with Carlos Verdesoto, who had complained that they could not legally binding in the civil registry in the province of Pichincha. Most judges agreed […]

Bukele says "we cornered and just leave us a choice" in security

By Yaneth Estrada Director of the National Civil Police of El Salvador (PNC), Mauricio Arriaza Chicas confirmed the death of 23 members of the corporation in recent days, after ambushes and attacks by criminal groups. "The president has been very clear, we will devote to preventing and you engage yourself […]

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