Saturday, April 4, 2020

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Salvadorans may return to their country amid quarantine

Redacción Voz de la Diáspora Los salvadoreños que han quedado atrapados o varados en otros países, Salvadoreño after the government ordered quarantine in the country and closed the borders and airport, They may return home. Wednesday night, los diputados de la Asamblea Legislativa aprobaron un decreto temporal para […]

China: violation of human rights and coronavirus

Opinion column, collaboration Voice of Diaspora, Pinkas Zarko cf., El Salvador El régimen de china comunista es una dictadura totalitaria. Controls all aspects of individual freedoms, including who's talking, what they say and when they say something. This must be made clear before discussing the subject of this dictatorship, la institucionalizada […]

Financial aid check in the US could reach until September

By Carmen Rodriguez, Washington DC El cheque, It is containing the financial assistance approved by the government of Donald Trump for US residents, You could reach the beneficiaries until mid-September, so said Thursday Analysis Committee White House. But nevertheless, algunos podría recibir los primeros cheques […]

How small business owners should psychologically cope with the crisis in El Salvador?

In this report we will make expert recommendations to employers to face a possible critical situation in the sustainability of their business. Luis Alberto Lopez tells us.

US buys medical supplies to Russia

Writing Diaspora Voice of America today received a Russian aircraft, with a cargo of medical supplies, which according to official sources, acquired Administration Donald Trump President to respond to the health crisis, caused by the coronavirus in the country. The cargo includes masks, ventilators and other supplies […]

Collapses health system in Ecuador for coronavirus

Writing Voice of Diaspora Guayaquil, It has become in recent days in the center of the coronavirus pandemic in South America. The images that are giving back to the world on the health situation in Ecuador, They are dramatic. Ecuadorian authorities confirmed over 1,937 people infected with the virus alone […]

More of 200,000 coronavirus positive cases in the United States

Writing Voice of Diaspora coronavirus positive cases in the United States multiply uncontrollably daily. On Wednesday the health authorities of the country, confirmed that record 203,000 cases of people infected with covid-19. According to information from the Center for Disease Prevention (CDC) the rapid expansion of the coronavirus […]

Emergency medical personnel serving in Italy requires protection pandemic

Engelbert Pérez Maldonado, Italy Wednesday, in Italy, doctors rejected the masks provided by Italian Civil Protection, considering that do not qualify adequate to protect personnel working during the pandemic, caused by the coronavirus. But also, the union of nurses lamented that so far are still waiting for medical devices […]

Canada passes away in historic Salvadoran political leader Mario Reni Roldán

Oscar Vigil Toronto. Mario Reni Roldán was a character. Intelligent but humble; sophisticated yet simple; committed to the deeper social causes of Latin American peoples, but pragmatic enough to adapt to new realities. Mario Reni Roldán was not a politician "of the usual" nor "of them of […]

Crisis Online: The effect of "Fake News"

By Alex Atencio With the growth of the COVID-19, the digital world and communication changed. How we communicate as human beings evolved to be connected to a concept of virtuality. This situation has led to the "Fake news", again become the protagonists of an influence that multiplies its negative message. The […]

Poetry in times of coronavirus

Jandres, JS, Lombardy, Italy Stop writing is unthinkable,as it is to stop loving, love in times of the Covin-19, love in moments when we see our children more time, forced to homebound. Humans think we are more important than other species, make mistakes, make mistakes…! The […]

Salvadorians come together to support families affected by coronavirus in Long Island

Writing Voice of Diaspora Amid the pandemic and thousands of positive cases recorded in recent days in the United States, a group of altruists Salvadorans came together to help families in need of Long Island, a New York. The group of ten Salvadorans, He has spent time in […]

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