Saturday, January 25, 2020

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United States is working with Mexico and Central America for caravan block of migrants

By Carmen Rodriguez, Washington DC El presidente Donald Trump, puede cantar victoria en el tema migratorio. México bloqueó el paso de la primera caravana de migrantes centroamericanos que salió de El Salvador, Honduras y Guatemala la semana pasada con el objetivo de llegar a la frontera sur de Estados Unidos. De acuerdo a información distribuida […]

Mexico and Colombia are investigating possible cases of coronavirus

Writing Voice of Diaspora authorities Mexico and Colombia are investigating two possible cases of coronavirus. In China, the virus has already claimed the lives of nine people and so far recorded over 400 cases. Mexican President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador confirmed, the case detected in the state of Tamaulipas, is […]

Republicans reject analyze evidence and witnesses at trial Trump

By Carmen Rodriguez, Washington DC demócatras received a setback, the first day of the trial against President Donald Trump, for obstruction of Congress and abuse of power. His proposal for the process are presented more evidence, White House documents and witnesses was rejected by Republicans, that […]

Provinces of Spain on high alert for rain, snow and wind

By Dennis Aguillón, Spain A 29 Provinces of Spain, in regions of Aragon and Catalonia, They are on high alert due to heavy snowfall and rains, which they are also accompanied with strong winds and high waves. Among the affected sites is Barcelona, Valencia, Murcia and Mallorca. Authorities reported on these rivers places […]

Confirms first case of coronavirus in the United States

Writing Voice of Diaspora Public Health Authority US, Tuesday confirmed the first case of coronavirus, which it was recently developed in China and is transmitted from person to person. The virus, has claimed the lives of six people in China and several autoriades Health […]

Trump sues against

By Carmen Rodriguez The US Senate began on Tuesday, shortly before the middle, impeachment against President Donald Trump, obstruction in the investigation and for abuse of power. Trump, It is the third president of the most powerful nation in the world to be under a political trial that could lead […]

Salvadoran journalist presents book in United States “Slviyaorkers”

Carmen Molina Tamacas, Salvadoran journalist recently presented his book “Slviyaorkers”, in discloses a data collection, source documents, photographs and stories of Salvadorans who settled in the State of New York, in United States. Molina's book Tamacas, product of five years of research, It contains interviews and field work. further, […]

Change requirements for procedures in consulates of El Salvador in the United States

A new provision came into force in January at the consulates of El Salvador operating at the US around. Among the changes, are new requirements for applying for the passport and new opening hours users. According to the new consul in Houston, Texas, Mauricio Rudy Chavez, begin to admit that […]

Man dies on a street in Madrid is stripped of his belongings

By Dennis Aguillón It was a very cold night (1 degree) Péndulo street in the neighborhood of Valdebernando in Madrid. Here the body was a man of about 50 year old. He had no coat, clothing, and everything pointed shoes that had been the victim of theft. A passerby who was walking by […]

"I'll kill you and nobody will notice where I'm going to bury": Salvadoran officials to expareja

By Carmen Rodriguez According to documents from the Court of Instruction Specialized for a Life Free of Violence and the Magistrates Court Columbus, Freedom, held this wording, and he threatened Ernesto Sanabria, Current official Presidential Palace in El Salvador, a expareja, with which he was involved sentimentally in between 2017 Y […]

More of 40,000 evacuated in the Philippines Taal volcano eruption

Writing Diaspora Voice Over 40,000 people were evacuated in the Philippines due to the eruption of the Taal Volcano. This is already, the third day of volcanic explosions that keep the alert in the country. On alert, increase Sunday after more volcanic activity recorded. Column of smoke […]

House of Representatives will vote on Wednesday on charges against Trump

Writing Voice of Diaspora Luck in White House, del presidente Donald Trump, It could be defined on Wednesday, when the House of Representatives to vote for or against impeachment, known as “impeachment” in United States. The Democratic leader, Nancy Peloci, He announced that the vote will take place on Wednesday. […]

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