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Archbishop of San Salvador reacts to the murder of priest of San Jose, Majada

Redacción Voz de la Diáspora Monseñor José Luis Escobar Alas, Archbishop of San Salvador, He reacted Sunday morning news conference, at the murder of the priest of San Jose, Majada, José Cecilio Pérez Cruz. "We are extremely dismayed and shocked to suffer the awful crime of the murder of one of our priests", […]

Murdered priest of San José La Majada in El Salvador

Por Yaneth Estrada En horas de la mañana de este sábado, the Attorney General's Office confirmed the killing of priest, Cecilio Perez Cruz 40 years, who he was attacked with a firearm, in the canton San Jose Majada, Township Juayúa, Sonsonate, in El Salvador. El informe señala que […]

UN expert concerned about de facto amnesty in El Salvador

Por Yaneth Estrada Ante la amenaza de una nueva Ley de Amnistía disfrazada en El Salvador por parte de la Asamblea Legislativa, Rapporteur on Human Rights of the UN, Fabian Salvioli asked "not to approve the draft law which allows de facto pardons, por graves violaciones de derechos humanos y crímenes de guerra cometidos […]

Trump launches new immigration plan

Redacción Voz de la Diáspora Este jueves, The president of United States, Donald Trump announced a comprehensive plan to reform the border security and immigration. In his speech he called for changes that favor the educated young immigrants rather than those with family ties with the United States. La medida exige que se reemplacen las […]

“Salvadoran politicians mock the rights of victims with the National Reconciliation Act”, says the Jesuit José María Tojeira

Por Yaneth Estrada El sacerdote jesuita José María Tojeira, exrector of the Central American University Jose Simeon Canas UCA, From El Salvador, He said that with the new Law on Reparation of Victims of past armed conflict, Members' rights mock justice for victims. They make fun of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. […]

Container Trintón of Eveergreen imposes record expanded Panama Canal

Por Elida Moreno El portacontenedores Tritón de la naviera Evergreen se convirtió en el buque de mayor capacidad y tamaño en transitar por el Canal de Panamá ampliado desde la apertura de las esclusas neopanamax en 2016. The boat made the lockage from the Atlantic to Pacific 15,313 TEUs or containers 20 pies a […]

Prosecution of El Salvador initiated investigation into cases of torture during the war

Writing Voice of Diaspora Juan Jose Dalton, son of renowned Salvadoran poet Roque Dalton, Tuesday came to the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) accompanied by his lawyer Benjamin Cuellar to expand its denunciation of torture, violations of human rights and breaking international treaties during the armed conflict (1980-1992). He stressed […]

Imprisoned refuge seekers may submit their case before a judge in Canada

Oscar Vigil Toronto, Glen. In a decision widely celebrated by defense agencies immigrants and refugees, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that asylum seekers arriving in the country and are incarcerated, have the right to challenge their detention extended before a Superior Court judge. The decision was taken […]

Preparations begin in the Historic Center of San Salvador for takeover of Bukele

Writing Voice of Diaspora Preparations have begun in the streets near the National Palace, in the Historic Center of San Salvador. El Salvador is preparing for the inauguration of President Najib Bukele, who was elected in the race last 3 February. Although the ceremony will be held next […]

earthquake 6,3 degrees is recorded on the border between Panama and Costa Rica

Writing Voice of Diaspora National Civil Protection System of Panama reported that 5 people were injured and 4 residences affected in Finca Zapote, in Puerto Armuelles, Province of chiriqui, border with Costa Rica, from an earthquake of 6,3 Sunday that rocked western Panama. The tremor was […]

Paraguay floods leave more than 40 thousand evacuees

By Kriscia Recinos In Paraguay at least 197 schools have closed, thousands of people have lost power service and it is impossible to move on the roads. All this after torrential rains in recent days have caused the overflowing of the River Paraguay born in Brazil and crosses the territory […]

Chile volcanic explosion yellow alert

By Kriscia Recinos National Geology and Mining Service of Chile issued a Yellow Alert in the Nevados de Chillan volcanic complex, After several explosions in the last hours. It is explosive events, one of them accompanied by a small earthquake. It was reported that no acoustic signal is presented. dispersion […]

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