Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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120 children rescued from fire raging in El Salvador

120 children were saved from dying Tuesday in a hostel that was consumed by a raging fire in the capital of El Salvador. The children were evacuated from the Integral Center Nursery, and del, government institution serving children at risk. The evacuation was conducted in 10 minutos gracias a […]

Supreme Court of El Salvador ordered not to investigate cases of corruption

Redacción Voz de la Diáspora La Corte Suprema de Justicia de El Salvador, Central American country with high levels of corruption, this week ordered not to investigate and archive all cases of public former officials who enriched themselves with state funds. The order is issued, six months after the former president Elias Antonio Saca, condenado a […]

"The migueleño Garrobero" Conquest United States

Manuel Giralt, a Salvadoran who lives in the United States, and who suffers pseudoachondroplasia, He knows of nostalgia, of that nostalgia that fills compatriots who live far from their land. But nevertheless, This migueleño calmed that feeling through a Sobrosa learned to prepare food in his hometown: "Migueleñas cakes". Desde […]

Canadians marched to celebrate, protest and demand on the International Women's Day

Oscar Vigil Toronto, Glen. Several thousand citizens, including a significant group of Latino, They marched through the streets of downtown Toronto over the weekend to mark the celebrations of International Women's Day, that performs 8 March each year, and in this 2019 fue recordado bajo […]

Not congratulate yourself on International Women's Day

Por Carmen Rodríguez El 8 March is commemorated, in many countries, the International Women's Day. The theme chosen for this year, by the United Nations Organization (HIM) is "Think equality, We build intelligently, Innovemos for change ". Este día se reflexiona y se conmemora la lucha y […]

Hundreds of migrants are delivered in unison on the border of El Paso for shelter

Por Diego Murcia La patrulla fronteriza de El Paso, Texas, He has taken custody of more than 700 migrants during Tuesday night and early Wednesday this week. Este es el grupo más grande de personas indocumentadas que se ha entregado de forma voluntaria a las autoridades migratorias estadounidenses en […]

Canadian Prime Minister presents his plan against climate change

Oscar Vigil Toronto. Glen. Canadians have not gone unnoticed in recent years alerts extreme cold or extreme heat in the country are becoming more frequent. According to scientists, esa es una de las señales más simples que muestran el dramático cambio climático y calentamiento global que está […]

Voice of Diaspora strengthens new strategic alliances

Article in La Prensa Grafica, Department 15: “Salvadoran journalists make their way in the world”. Redacción Voz de la Diáspora La Agencia Internacional de Noticias “Voz de la Diáspora” ha afianzado una nueva alianza estratégica con La Prensa Gráfica de El Salvador para dar cobertura a temas de interés mundial. Through this alliance, the […]

One hundred years later, even the cry of independence is heard in South Korea

Por Rocío Rivas Este día, It marks the centenary since the Korean people began their struggle for the liberation of their homeland, during the Japanese occupation, which it lasted about 35 years. In August 1910, Korea was occupied by the Japanese Empire, He is seeking to expand its domain. He went to the 15 […]

Canadians are in favor and against Nicolas Maduro

Oscar Vigil Toronto, Glen. The opposing positions regarding the Venezuelan political and social conflicts continue to divide Canadian society. While the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau supports the self-proclaimed president Juan Guaido, with the approval of a sector of the country, crecen también las críticas y protestas en contra del mandatario […]

The United States calls punish Venezuelan governors to block entry of humanitarian aid

Redacción Voz de la Diáspora Estados Unidos pidió el lunes sancionar a cuatro gobernadores venezolanos e incrementar la presión sobre el régimen de Nicolás Maduro, to block the entry of humanitarian aid sent by the international community last Saturday. “Attempts by the illegitimate regime Maduro to block humanitarian aid, destinada al […]

Retained Maduro told reporters at the Palacio de Miraflores

Writing Voice of Diaspora A group of journalists from the international Univision Network News was held by Nicolas Maduro at the Miraflores Palace Monday. Among the journalists Jorge Ramos was. The news was confirmed by the same Ramos and journalist Daniel Coronell. “We're talking to Jorge Ramos, he and […]

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